Sunday, September 30, 2007

Friday night we went with the ochsners, dronens and slovaceks to lannathai. we were trying to get baby ashley out of christina using the tools of curry and peppers. we failed. but we had a great meal anyways. ashley is now two days overdue... by the end of this week we will have a baby one way or the other though.

saturday we went our to leo carillo beach with dan and the gang for his baptism. i have never been to a beach baptism before - it was great. we paryed over him and the guy who was doing the baptism read some scripture and then dunked him and another guy in the pacific. the other guys that was getting baptized was about our age too. he said that he wanted to get baptized in teh ocean because he wanted to be submerged in something uncontrollable and bigger than himself and how that was a representation of how he wanted his life in christ to be. seeing those two men get dunked under the ocean's strong waves was an amazing picture of that very thing. jeremy and i both are so happy for dan and excited that we got to share that important moment with him!

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