Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the green book

nikki get ready to be really proud of me!!!

i bought this book a couple of weeks ago and decided to read it really slowly and give myself time to make some of the changes that are discussed in the book. so far i really like it - all of the green things to do are really easy. plus, cameron diaz helped write the book and she is really cool, so obviously doing what the bok says will make me cooler too.

so... this week's environmentally friendly thing to do is:

take a two minute shorter shower.

this will save TEN gallons of water. just get in there, do your business and get out. or better yet, for some of you, take only one shower a day. if every american saved just one gallon a day we would save twice as much water as the great lakes every year! that's only 20 seconds shorter of a shower than usual. thats easy right? anyone out there going to pledge to take a shorter shower?

also... if anyone out there who is not a current netflix subscriber and wants to try it free for a month... let me know. i can forward you a coupon. but hurry... offer expires soon!


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