Wednesday, March 31, 2010

rent, rent, rent

since returning home from my little trip to la, life has been pretty normal. we got a few more fish for our tank, including one that has a mickey mouse outline on his tail, which is fun. we've both been working and living life as usual.

rumpleteazer is getting huge - his ears and tail are still proportionately large for his head and skinny little body. we celebrated two years of owning cricket before i left for the oscars and she turns three this month. enough of sounding like a crazy cat lady parent though.

it took two weeks to catch up on all the television i missed while i was gone.. i cantell you that we are love love loving parenthood, and the marriage ref is not living up to expectations. american idol is having a disappointing season and i cant wait til glee is back on the air. i am watching celebrity apprentice for the first time because i am mildly obsessed with bret michaels (not in a crush type of way!)

rent opened at the palace this past weekend and i have never been more excited about seeing a show. we went on saturday night and it was great. i managed to keep myself from singing along to any of the songs, although i may have mooed once or twice. the casting was great and the show is fantastic. yay palace! the full monty is our last professional show of the season and it opens at the end of april. jeremy is learning more about his job every day and hoping to move up in the company soon. there is a lot of turmoil at his branch (nothing that affects his job though) that may leave open positions. we will see where that leads.

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Fair Weather Runner said...

i miss ya meggers. glad you had a fun trip to LA! and i agree, AI is a bummer this season huh? i just can't get into it. i need to tivo parenthood for sure, and yes. CAN'T WAIT FOR GLEE!! bring it on. :)