Monday, March 15, 2010

my little troublemaker

last night i made spaghetti for dinner. jeremy and i were sitting on the couch eating and watching tv. i heard a thud in the kitchen. jeremy went in because i was too scared to look. turns out that rumpalicious had climbed onto the stove and knocked the spoon out of the sauce onto the floor and wasw happily licking away.

he was reprimanded and i cleaned the rug and we resumed our activities. soon, we heard a crash. he had jumped onto the other counter and knocked a waterglass onto the floor. it had shattered and jeremy was worried about rump having glass in his paws. he checked him over while i swept up the glass. i thought i got it all, until this morning when i woke up extra early to go into work for our ticketing system upgrade and found out that there was a huge piece of glass on the bathroom floor. thankfully i didnt step on it. don't know how i didnt notice it last night when i was getting ready for bed.

i think he is going to be either a plumber or a dish washer when he grows up, considering his obsession with sinks, drains, and licking dishes.*

*don't worry - we arent crazy cat people. all of our dishes get washed with soap and water post-rumpy, pre-cabinet.

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