Wednesday, March 31, 2010

oscar week pt 3: the show

thankfully i managed to make it all the way through oscar week this year without having an emotional breakdown like usually happens on friday or saturday as a result of stress and lack of sleep. this is especially good news since jeremy was not around to dry my tears.i even made it through richard's memorial service without crying. i know that if i would have let a single tear escape that it would have been all over. it was a beautiful service and i am amazed at the timing of his death that allowed me to be there for kim, ryan and kay.

the service was saturday morning so i didnt get a lot of sleep before saturday night. by the time i had to be dressed and ready for the red carpet on sunday afternoon i had had about 7.5 hours of sleep in the previus 48. being on the carpet is a high like nothing else though. the press, the celebrities, the energy... it was amazing and definitely kept me awake.

i saw most of the attendees walking the carpet. queen latifah looked incredible. she is totally my grush. ryan reynolds is very attractive, but it a normal sort of way (like the best looking kid inyour highschool class or something). other peoplelook ed less pretty in real life than theydo on scrren, but i dont want to name anynames. i watched the e! best and worst dressed when i got home and they were pretty much spot on there. what actually was the great part of the show was seeing all my press guide friends in the background of their coverage. look! its sandra bullock... and cesario! :) it was fun.

during the show i was in the interview room, which is a room with tons of media members with their computers and voice recorders. when the winners came backstage, they first stopped inthe photo room, where i have been for the last two years, and then came into the interview room where four or six people would get to ask them questions. it was great to see so many celebrities being natural and answering things off the cuff. sandra bullock was especially charming and her comments seem so sweet and kind in light of the massive scandal she is dealing with right now.

after the show i was insanely tired. lance and kris came and picked me up. i fell asleep almost as soon as we returned to their house. it was great to sleep for eight straight hours and while it was actually dark outside.
on monday, my last day in la, i was able to spend a couple hours with kim, drinking coffee and hanging out. i really miss my girls in la!!! she dropped me off at the flyaway and i was off to the races. my trip home to nh was rather uneventful and went quickly, although it was not fast enough for me to get home to jeremy and the kittehs!

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