Friday, April 16, 2010

well, that was unexpected

this past weekend was the final weekend of rent at the palace. it was insanely busy and we had great crowds all weekend. monday was my usual day off (and much deserved after the weekend i had). back to work as usual on tuesday. tuesday afternoon i was called into the upstairs offices to meet with the boss. and he said "we are letting you go due to budget constraints." i thought he was joking. i really did. some kind of sick and twisted joke but a joke nonetheless. so i replied in the only way possible: "Are you kidding me?" but the answer was no i wasn't getting my leg pulled; i was getting "let go." and not for any good reason either.

i went downstairs to the box office and packed my stuff. thankfully it was jeremy's day off and he came right away and picked me up. i was crying but managed to hold back the actual sobs until he drove me away. we went home and sat on the couch for a couple hours just staring at each other and wondering what to do next.

bright and early wednesday morning i got up and sat on the couch with the computer and started applying for jobs and unemployment. it is going to be really rough financially for us for the next few weeks? months? until i find a new position. everyone keeps telling me that i will find something soon but i am really worried.

so there goes my trip home in may for missy's wedding and possibly our fifth anniversary trip. so that really sucks.

keep your ears open for any open positions and please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as i look for a new job and we navigate this uncertain time.

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Indi said...

That totally sucks! I really hope you can find something quick! Get networked through the job boards online and any possible way you can think of sure! Good Luck!!