Saturday, March 27, 2010

oscar week pt 2 - the duby reunion

on tuesday ellen and cara came and picked me up and we went to dubnoff so i could see everyone. after saying hi to lots of people i really missed (and, if we are being honest, a couple i really didn't) it was time to go to the office. yes. is that not the best name for a bar ever? "hey i'll meet you at the office this afternoon." yep. brilliant. we had a drink or two, tons of french fries, and then it was time for me to head down to hollywood and highland for work. it was awesome to see all the girls again!
after another long cold lonely night, i got a few hours of sleep then walked over to IN'N'OUT (YES!!!) to meet the girls again for lunch. not only was i able to enjoy animal fries for the first time in months, it was great to see the girls again one more time while i was in la.
i miss you guys!

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