Saturday, March 27, 2010

oscar week pt. 1

my trip to los angeles started badly. i slept through my alarm and barely made it to the airport in time for my 5:45am flight. if i could time it that perfectly without the heart pouinding excitement and with a shower next time, that would be great. i had a layover in atlanta, and someone took my gate-checked carryon. i wandered through the atlanta airport for huors until someone finally helped me get it back. (generally the united airlines customer service is AWFUL, although there were two notable exceptions to that rule. i am in the process of composing a lengthy letter to someone in charge over there to that effect.)

the flight to lax was fine. kris picked me up and we headed down the 405 towards the valley. it felt like i had never left the city. i didnt realize how much i missed little things about la. (not enough to move back and deal with the crap that made us leave in the first place though). as much as i have mised my friends there, when i saw then all again it was almost like i had never left. there was obviously tons of catching up to do, but none of that awkwardness that often comes after not seeing someone for a long time.

kris and lance were awesome and hosted a taco party at their house that evening. i got to see the stellers and the dronens. it was the first time i got to meet the littlest steller, and the first time i had seen owen since he started talking. he is so grown up! speaking of grown up, miss ashley was so tall too! she and owen played so cute with each other.

monday i took myself on a date to coffee bean (YUM) and started work that evening. i worked over night every night, but managed to make time to see almost everyone dring the days. the first night back at the oscars was cold - i realized that i hadnt packed nearly enough clothes for the trip. thankfully kris rescued me by pulling out their ski bag and loaning me some more layers. i forgot how cold it is in the desert at night, even when it is 70+ degrees during the day!

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