Saturday, March 13, 2010

my birthday

these posts are waaay belated... sorry!

the morning of my birthday, jeremy and my mom woke me up with breakfast in bed. the cats joined us and they sang, i blew out a candle (it was a taper in a candlestick holder and not birthday candles), opened my cards and ate my heart shaped egg over medium. basically it was perfect.

sunday afternoon we had a show at the palace so i went into work for a couple hours. jeremy was also working. when we both got home, we all three got ready for birthday dinner at gauchos, a brazilian place downtown. there were twelve types of meat on giant skewers being served, as well as a salad bar and other sides. (beka: BEEEEEF!) basically, we gorged on delicious food. at the end of the meal, they sang happy birthday to me and jeremy in portuguese and we had our desserts. not sure how we had room for dessert but we did.

that's such a lie. i put my extra dessert where i always do. in my hollow leg. unfortuantely due to lack of exercise the hollow leg is all but filled up. hopefully i can rememdy that in the future, because i do like eating!

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