Friday, February 26, 2010

SURPRISE! (pt. 1)

on thursday of last week i went to work like usual. jeremy was in training across the street so after work we headed to the red cross to give blood. steph's business, the custom massage, was sponsoring the night so everyone who donated blood got a five minute chair massage and entered in a drawing for a free half hour session at her office. we didnt win the drawing but did help save up to 6 lives - so i guess thats just as good as a free massage.

i helped steph pack up her chair and stuff and she took me home so jeremy could go out birthday "shopping" for me (aka picking my mom up at the airport). when they walked through the door i was very surprised! and also glad that i wasnt naked. ;)

she stayed the weekend to help celebrate my birthday. on friday we went to lunch at susans before i had to work. jeremy had the day off so he and my mom stayed home and baked my birthday cake! on saturday went shopping for my oscars dress. saturday night was dinner and a show at the theatre. we ate at ignite beforehand (where else?) and it was delish as always. swing fever (an orginal palace production) was fun and my mom loved it. the dancers were full of energy and the musicians were hot (and also full of delish food from ignite - it is the neighborhood hot spot). our theatre looks so pretty when it is lit up at night!

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mommy said...

i had the best time!! loved every minute. love you!!