Friday, July 27, 2007

to clear up a few things...

1. i really like card games. we went over to lance and kris's wednesday night for carne asada and cards. i re-learned mau... so not good at that game! during one round i "won" three different times but there was always some rule that made it so i didnt actually win. then we played nertz and i kicked ass. woot woot! thanks anna for teaching me how to play! that was very fun. we had a good time just hanging out with the ochsners.

2. i got to see my lottie last night for the first time in ages (well since she went to england) and she smelled good. also we are going to the beach tomorrow and hopefully to a celebrity hot spot club tomorrow night. yay!

3. the list of favorite things is by no means complete and all inclusive. so if you are not on it, or know of something that i like that isnt on it, dont worry! i cant list eveyone and everything. so dont get mad. and anna - you are a favorite friend... :)

4. pcs are so much better than macs. when i make cds of pictures on my computer, i can use it on any other computer except annas stupid mac. ;) also, anna, i hve a cd with those pictures on it that i have used on multiple computers so i will send that in your birthday box which will probably be late. just so you know. hopefully that one works in your dumb computer... :)

5. we have new people staying with us this weekend. i met them when i went home to let them in... they have a cute baby girl. she is smiley and chubby - two of my favorite baby characteristics.

6. our air con is broken. hopefully our landlord gets right on that because i am DYING! it is so hot. so hot. so hot. is there an echo in here?

7. lots of people i know are getting married and having babies. not the same ones. some people are getting married (trishy poo - eek!) and lots of tother people are having babies or just had or are thinking of having. sheesh. just to let all of you know: we are trecnd setters not trend followers. no babies for us for a while. i am super content to play with everyone elses and be the favorite auntie. :)

8. any other questions i can clear up for anyone????? let me know and i will do my darndest to answer them.



mommy said...

you only have one mommy and so i understand that i am automatically a favorite but.....

mommy said...

what i mean is i totally get where anna is coming from-- sucks doesnt it anna?? hey anna -- you are on my favorites list. and meggie-- you are my favorite daughter. loveyoubaby