Tuesday, July 17, 2007

is it time to go home yet?

while at the gym i was wering shorts. and i was looking at my legs (which i receive compliments on from strangers... men and women... interesting side note since i hate them - my legs not the strangers... although does anyone want to be in the i hate the strange man at the grocery store who like my legs club? anyone?) and i noticed that i have bruises all along the right leg. at the height of my dresser, my desk, and the coffee table. apparently i only have issues turning right, when i turn left i am ok - my left leg is bruise free.

i am just not an ambi-turner.


just waiting on jeremy to pick me up. this is what i am reduced to. rambling about my legs. like you actually care.

1 comment:

annaO said...

i care, and i'll join your club. maybe you can start a non-ambi-turner support group.