Thursday, July 5, 2007

Independence Day

yesterday was the 4th of july, so to celebrate we did what all angeleans did. went to the beach. zuma wasnt too crowded, but the parking lot was a nightmare. after one narrowly avoided fight over a parking spot, we found one waaaaaay down by lifeguard station 9. so we relocated for the day. al and lottie joined us and we chilled for a few hours.

we went to their house for a cookout. dan and bridgit ate too, and eric and christina came for dessert. we had burgers (our second to last package of koci beef :( ) and fruit and PECAN PIE with cream. yum. im still full. we bascially stuffed ourselves silly and somehow this represented our independence from the british, which is funny because lottie is english and she was the hostess. although she is almost an american so its cool. i guess since we ate off of plates with old glory on them we were appropriately patriotic.

this picture says july 5 but that isnt true. i dont know why and i would fix it if i could access the meu on our camera but i cant since i cracked the lcd screen. oh well. can you tell christina is going to have a baby? yay! also i am slightly toasty from the beach. but that is the red part of my red white and blue outfit and i am working it! woot woot!


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