Monday, July 23, 2007

sequoia camping: the arrival

we left around 9 am on friday for sequoia. we made really good time ( i only had to stop for 2 bathroom breaks - go me!) and got to the park entrance around 12:30. we started up the side of the mountain... it is slow going because of all the switchbacks, but me were moving right along until we hit the construction. part of the road narrowed to one lane so they had a pilot car taking one way of traffic, turning around and bringing the other way, then the construction guys working for 40 minutes. we hit at the perfect time that we had to wait for an hour. just sitting there with nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no idea how long it would take. sheesh. after that, when we finally pulled into dorst, our camping companions who had arrived thursday night were out on a hike. so we just unloaded and set up our tent and explored the campsite. we were staying in a super cool place, set back from the road and away from other tents. it was a great spot (nice going kris!)

this is the tent i found for jeremy for christmas... it is big. and it has a front porch. and a doggie door. we like it.

we also had to put anything that has any odor in the bear boxes that locked with a key. that way the bears cant get to the stuff and leave us alone. the fundamental flaw i have found with this idea is: i wake up, wash my face and put lotion on it. then i put the lotion in the bear box so the bears dont come eat it. but what about the lotion on my face????? should i keep my face in the bear box too?

(you should smear honey on your head. bears like honey head kids. gentle ben, wheres bobby?)

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