Thursday, July 12, 2007

that southern drawl

this week we have had some people staying wioth us from mosaic. the husband is an intern, which is a ten week program. all of the interns live in an apartment complex and in close quarters. so when his wife came to visit, they needed some where else to stay. so they came and stayed with us. they are from b'ham alabama... and you can tell. i love a southern accent! jamie (the wife) has a much stronger accent than kris (the husband).

they arrived sunday night after i was already in bed. all day monday i was thinking how funny it was that people were staying with us and i had never even met them. just walked out the door for work and left them with all of our stuff. monday night we get home, and they are out. once again, they got home after i was asleep. so finally by tuesday i am beginning to think they are a figment of my imagination. but tuesday after work i finally got to meet them and we went to kung pao for dinner.

i had the basil lamb.

it was delicious.

we stayed up too late talking... yesterday was a hard day at work, partially because i was exhausted and partially because my boss is having a really hard time with some personal stuff and has been out most of the last three weeks. and my other boss just had surgery. and ceci had a baby. so it is me and greg, doing the work of five people.

if you see me and i am grumpy, thats why.


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