Sunday, July 15, 2007

pool honeys!!!!

yesterday the directors and backstage managers from mosaic had a pool party/bbq at ron and lynn's house. it was fun to meet some of the other people in this ministry from the other locations and just relax and spend some quality time with everyone. this group picture is everyone that was there except me, jeremy and ron... the girl in the front some of you might recognize as one of the new interns on grey's anatomy... she has a small recurring character that she has been shooting for recently. (she was also in the season finale last year). hopefully it turns into something really exciting for her!

the cool thing about mosaic is the opportunity to connect with people who are wokring in the industry and living for christ at the same time. we have met so many people like that during our time in los angeles, and it is super cool!

this picture is me and sarah, my "boss" at mosaic. she is the producer for all the services and is SUPER cool... she threw the party for us and bought us all books. it was a good time.


annaO said...

So, you need to have a sectioni on your little quiz thingy that says I've already visited you!

californiameaghan said...

its all about when are you coming back?????