Thursday, November 12, 2009


i know i've been talking about cats, CATS and kittens for a while. this will be my last post mentioning them for a while. but a couple things are worth mentioning.

first, we went and saw CATS at the palace on saturday night with mark and lanelle. it was so nice that mark and lanelle finally got to meet jeremy, and to see them again. the show was amazing. the cast was amazing and a few of them were espcially superb. the two cats, rumpleteazer and mungo jerrie, sang one of my favorite songs. rumpy is definitele well named. although he doesnt look like these twin cats, their personalities fit him to a tee. they are trouble-makers and super playful and like to rip up paper and get intot things that they shouldnt. definitely sounds like my rumpy! after the show we went to ignite for dinner and to spend more time with them. so fun.

our cats are getting along better than ever. they chase each other around and play tag. rumpy is great at playing fetch, and whenever cricket has had enough of him, so goes and sleeps on the guest bed where he never thinks to look for her. he will come running when i yell "jellicle cats come to the jellicle ball!" and cricket usually moseys along behind him at her own pace. they crack me up. now, every night when we watch tv, i have a cat in my lap, jeremy has one in his, and we are all four so happy!
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