Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanksgiving: the ugly

well. during my pie making, casserole stirring, sweet potato cleaning fury this morning, i also treid to do what my mom taught me about cooking (and actually one of the few things i actually remember from the kitchen before i went to college): clean as you go. so i did three loads of dishes. i was mostly caught up, so i pulled the plug on the sink and went about my business. i notice rumpy sitting on the floor in front of the sink staring a something. i look, and there arent any bugs (there are surprisingly few bugs here and i like that). instead, he was watching water drip out from under the sink. i open the cabinet and there is about an inch of water under there. the sink pipe rusted through right in the middle of dishes, so all of the water i was rinsing with was going under the sink and on all our stuff we keep under there. jeremy helped me pull everything out and dry it, and clean up the water under the sink. ugh.

i got over that, because it meant no more dishes for the day. and that cant be a bad thing, right? i made my pies and got everything else cooking. dinner was fabulous. (see previous post). a couple hours after dinner i got us each a piece of pie. i made it from scratch from the pumpkins we carved for halloween. i did this two years ago and it was the most amazing pie ever. this year...not so much. in fact, it was pretty much inedible. i ate little bits of mine so i could justify spoonfuls of cool whip. jeremy took one bite and spit it out. it was really really bad. so, no pumpkin pie for me this year. and it is, of course, my favorite part of thanksgiving. and, of course, i made two. what a waste!

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Fair Weather Runner said...

well....the pies LOOK delicious! wow, what a good/bad day. funny how it all works that way eh? well happy late thanksgiving, it sounds like you guys had a really great day.