Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanksgiving adventures: the good

i made my first turkey this year. since dinner was just the two of us, we just got a couple drumsticks and a bone in breast. i found a recipe where all i had to do was rub some onion soup mix on it, pop it in the crock pot, and let it go. it was delicious! the green bean casserole and baked sweet potatoes were winners as always. jeremy likes the cranberry sauce from the can, so that is always easy to add to the table. we spent the day watching the parade, watching football, watching top chef, and hanging out with each other and the cats. it was (mostly) perfect.
we have so much to be thankful for this year: our new home, new jobs, new friends. i miss my people in los angeles sometimes more than i can stand, but we are making new friends and building some great relationships here too. this next month will be challenging for me at work because of how busy we will be, but i have to keep in mind how lucky i am to have a job i love and that gives me so much flexibilty. jeremy is getting settled at citizens and really starting to enjoy the people he is working with also. we have three awesome cacti, two great cats, and a bonsai tree. between the both of us we have five (white) golden rings.
hopefully this holiday season brings you as many things to be thankful for as it has us.
happy thanksgiving!


mommy said...

happy thanksgiving to you too babe. i love you so much. and miss you terribly. especially around this time of year and especially when all there is around me is boys...

Anonymous said...

i miss you babe. happy thanksgiving to you too. i really miss you around this time of year and especially when i am surrounded by boys.