Thursday, November 12, 2009

second new hampshire visitor

jeff was in town for his annual hunting trip. the trip ended sunday morning and his flight was monday morning, so we were able to sepnd sunday afternoon and evening with him.

he arrived at our apartment shortly before i got home from work, so after he washed days of hunting dirt off and i changed out of my sweater and into something lighter-weight (it was WARM on sunday!) we headed to 900 degrees neopolitan pizzeria for dinner. they were having live music, so we got dinner and a show. it was fun.

we came home and played cards. jeff had mentioned 99 as a game he played with all the guys while hunting. i remember playing it with my aunt norma and other family at my nana's dining room table once a long time ago, so i knew the game. jeremy caught on quickly (it isnt super complicated) and we played several rounds. i won the first two and jeff won the third. by then we were all exhausted and he and jeremy had to get up at 4:30am to get to the airport so we all headed to bed.

it was a short visit, but still really nice to see him!

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