Saturday, January 7, 2012

book review: radio shangri-la

Radio Shangri-La
by Lisa Napoli

from the back: One woman's story of reaching a crossroads in life - and finding happiness in the last shangri-la. Lisa Napoli was in the grip of a mid-life crisis when a chance encounter lead her to the adventure of a lifetime. Leaving behind her job in public radio and her life in Los Angeles, she moved to the tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan to volunteer at the country's first youth radio station. Along the way, she found the world is a beautiful and complicated place, and learns to appreciate life in a way she never imagined.

my review: i enjoyed this story. it was refreshing to read a nonfiction book in the middle of all the fiction i typically enjoy. the stories of her culture transition and the radio she helps with are funny and endearing. the people she meets chage her life and return the favor. shangri-la is a very interesting culture, once rated the happiest place on earth but since the invasion of the western world and the internet, cable, and the like their happiness quotient has slowly faded. that was the sad part of the story, but it really made me think about what makes me happy and why.

this book was released last year so go find it in a book store near you! :D

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