Tuesday, January 24, 2012

just another day at the park...

jakey and i ran up to the horsey park this afternoon (aka eastview park). i think it was his first time at a park, but we didnt play - mom was on a mission. my training schedule said 5 miles for today and we made it about 4 1/2 before it was nap time.

it was a BEAUTIFUL day to be outside. i was surprised that no one else was at the park when we got there.  there was only one other guy doing the exercise route there. i noticed him in the distance doing the sit up station. by the time we ran around to that station, he was finishing up and walking away. when we got close i noticed three incredibly odd things about this guy. first, he was wearing a sports coat. really? to do sit ups at a park? and he was also wearing khakis pants that were rolled up to be man-pris. ugh.  the strangest thing of all though was the fact that as soon as he finished exercising, he lit up a cigar as he walked to his car. bizarre, no?

as ive been doing the gorun training program, my mileage has been increasing although my speed has stayed a lot the same. we had a seminar the other night about the physiology of running and one of the mantras he gave us was "start slow, then taper off." i can totally buy into that philosophy. :) but anyways, ive been running a lot more than before (usually 5 days a week) and my workout playlist has been getting a lot of usage. and boy am i tired of hearing the same songs over and over. i need some new tunes.  suggestions? i usually run to hip hop/r &b or rock, but am open to new ideas!

the exercise related portion of my new years resolutions have been going swimmingly, but we are only 24 days in after all. :D are you keeping up with your resolutions?

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