Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012... bring it!

things i'm thinking about for the new year...

1. restarting the maker's diet and following hard core. no more sugar for me at all. its going to be hard but i already know it is so worth it.

2. by the end of january, i will have achieved inbox zero in my yahoo email. thats right. it seems impossible but i think i can do it.

3. we have four bookshelves in our basement. they are a mess. i will tackle one per month and reorganize and clean them out so by the end of april (and jakey's first birthday party) they will be beautiful and clean and neat.

4.there are indoor triathlons in january, february. march and april at local ymcas. i will sign up for all of them, and continue to PR at each one. by april im going to have to really work hard to shave more time off my total but i think i can do it because...

5. i am signing up for a running group through a local store with the goal of running the river run 10k. i have run a couple of 10ks back when we lived in la. i think my best time was around 56 mins (i'd have to look it up to be more specific) so i definitely want to pr in the may race.

6. i had this goal once before, but i want to try a new recipe at least once a week. i can be a side or salad - it doesnt have to be a main dish, but i get tired of cooking the same thing all the time. a bonus goal would be to blog about it so you all can join in the fun!

7. I've been obsessed with pinning things lately, and have done a few things based on things ive pinned. 2012 will be the year to really accomplish these things. at least one new craft type project per month based on my boards. a blog about those would be a nice bonus too.

8. you can tell that i havent been blogging as much lately, but jacob is getting to an age where i have a better handle on being his mom and working from home and keeping up with all the housework all at the same time. so i want to be better about this in the new year, but im not sure how to quanitfy this goal. i know i want to post more book reviews and more posts about jakey's day to day life, because, lets face it, my kid is the single most interesting thing in the universe.

9. we hope to be home owners by the end of the year. actually by august when our lease on this townhouse expires, but you cant really rush these things. :)not really a resolution, but something i am definitely excited about this year!

what are you going to do this year? something new? something hard? same goal as last year?

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