Monday, January 9, 2012

baby play dates

 jakey's friend carson came over to play with us.they laid on the turtle blankie and held hands, jakey showed carson how he could sit up by himself, carson ate breakfast and jakey took a nap.  thrilling, huh? its a little bit ridiculous to call it a playdate, but i loved having anna and carson come over and see us anyways!
a few days later, we got together with mark and lanelle at my parents house. carly and ava have grown a TON since we last saw them in june and it was awesome to be able to spend time with them! trying to get three littles to look at the camera when there was a dog and toys and not-toys everywhere wasnt as awesome.

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Fair Weather Runner said...

the cuteness is just too delicious for me to handle! you girls made some cute babies.