Saturday, January 28, 2012

pinned it, rocked it. january edition.

a few weeks age, i was browsing through my friends pins on pinterest and i saw this fake fireplace. i thought, man that would look awesome under our new tv. jeremy came downstairs right then, so i showed him. he said, "how much would something like that cost?" i looked at some places online, and found the cheapest one for $350 and they went up from there.  the ones i loved were all above $600. in other words, not really in our "spur of the moment i pinned something i want" budget.

then jeremy said, i bet i can make that. so he sent me and jessie off to get our nails done (i know, right?) and he and jakey went to home depot. when we came home, this was in the garage.
after jessie left, we started painting. i had to help with this part.we decided on black for the frame and a yellow for the background. we found some pretty little curlicue things to add some apice.

finally, after what seemed like years of drying time, it was ready to bring downstairs. yes, thats iron chef dismantling some massive piece of meat on the television. and i havent fully accessorized yet. but look what we made!

pretty awesome, right? i LOVE it! and i love the fact that jeremy made it in like ten seconds! and for waaaay less money than buying it.

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Lindsey said...

nicely done! I'm inspired to rock some of my pins ;)