Thursday, October 27, 2011

six months old

26 weeks... half a year... time is seriously FLYING by.

yesterday was jakey's six month birthday. he is a textbook baby (ask the baby whisperer what that means. p.s. if you are pregnant or a new mom she is a freaking genius.) therefore, every week when we get an email saying something like "your 12 week old should be rolling over" no sooner do i read the email than jakey starts rolling around. it is uncanny.

so, yesterday i got my email saying "at six months your baby should be sitting unassisted." we've been practicing sitting for a few weeks now, but until yesterday he wasnt very good at it. then, at exactly six months the switch flipped and he can sit for several minutes at a time without falling over. weird? yes awesome? also yes.

in six months we have gone from bringing home a little blob (adorable, but a blob) to having a small adult.  jakey likes to wear clothes that look like something daddy would wear, which means they look like something an old man would wear (he has a sweater with elbow patches and a velvet blazer, you guys. jacob, not jeremy.) he likes to be a part of the action, loves watching other kids play, and eats some real foods (so far sweet potato, avocado and banana. he will start carrots this week.)

it is amazing to watch him grow and learn everyday. i can't wait to see what today will bring!

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