Tuesday, October 4, 2011

five months big

jacob has done a lot of things in his short life... he has moved across the country, been on countless road trips, gone to a concert, started eating solids, slept through the night, and grown so much. i think about where we were five months ago and so much has changed. even looking at pictures of him from several weeks ago makes me realize how quickly he is maturing and learning.

i have the privelege of working for a doctor from home in order to stay with jakey. when i go into the office to work, i get to take jakey with me.  today we measured him.  he was 18 pounds on the nose (50th percentile) and 27.75 inches long (98th percentile). i'd say he takes after mommy and daddy with those stats!

he started eating rice cereal a couple of weeks ago.  the first couple of times i mixed it in a bottle with expressed milk, and he thought it was alright.  a few days in, after he grabbed my fork at dinner and tried to put it in his mouth, i decided to try the cereal in a bowl.  he started eating from that spoon like he has been doing nothing but that his whole life. it was pretty amazing to watch.  he barely even spits any back out.  and he LOVES it. he screams when the bowl is empty even when i make him a large portion. we bought an avocado at the grocery store today and as soon as it is ripe we will try that out and see what he thinks. hopefully i can get a picture of the face he makes when he tries it, whether it is a happy face or disgusted one.

he is an ace at rolling from his stomach to back, to the point where he refuses to participate in tummy time any longer.  he can almost turn from his back to front, but will only do so if he is trying to reach an object just over his shoulder.

he has been to a concert in lawrence (david nail) and a football game (trinity vs. independent). he loves other babies, especially his cousins.  he laughs all the time, especially at blondes. (this could be a problem later in life.) he is starting to really pay attention to the cats and LOVES to watch the fish in the tank.

i seriously love this guy. and he is the coolest kid around.

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