Tuesday, November 8, 2011

campin out

 we went with our friends ed and beka up to fall river a few weeks ago for jacob's first camping experience.  it was beautiful weather, and didnt get too cold that night. he enjoyed sitting in his camping chair just like all the grown ups and was absolutely fascinated by the fire. he put his nalgene in his little cup holder and was happy as a clam.
 we were all decked out in our k-state gear - it was  a winning day ( i think it was the day we played KU). the scenery there was beautiful.  not something i would have expected in kansas!
we played bocce, ate way too many smores and gorged on taco soup, and played hide the baby.  ok, we didnt actually leave him anywhere of course but he was awfully hard to spot in the foliage with his camo outfit and hat!

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