Wednesday, October 12, 2011

florida trip

at the end of august my grandpa died after a long battle with dementia. we flew to florida for the funeral. thus, jakey's first airplane trip (or four to be more precise). he was an angel on all the flights, barely crying at all.  the four hour layover in atlanta both ways was a little more challenging, but we made it through. jeremy wasnt able to get off work, so i had lots of help from my parents and from uncle max. i was very thankful for my moby wrap walking through all the airports carrying a baby and my bags. no way was i checking anything after the last two horrible luggage experiences i have had.

while in florida, jacob got to meet his great grandma, all his first cousins once removed and lots of great aunts and uncles. i hadnt been to jacksonville for a few years so it was really nice to see everyone, even under the sad circumstances.

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