Tuesday, October 4, 2011

settling in..

we are finally settling in to our new house and life in wichita.  jeremy is still traveling a lot for work, but jakey and i keep up a pretty good routine. we both like knowing whats coming next. i respect that about my child. :)

we purchased a few new pieces of furniture and were gifted several others, and now we have just about everything we need.  there are a few finishing touches (like getting my academy awards marquee posters framed and on the wall - SO excited to finally have enough wall space to display these!) to do, but we got pretty overwhelmed with little projects that we tried to squeeze in every second that jeremy was home and kinda backed off for a while.

my current crafty project is my first attempt at making curtains.  i have bought the fabric and started cutting it to size. this will be the last thing we need in jacob's room for it to be completely complete.  it is the room that is closest to being done.  the living room is close too, but our idea for the windows in that room will involve some work on jeremy's part and is therefore very hard for me to do while he is gone. i am worried that these curtains are going to turn out weird, but practice makes perfect, right? after

jacod acquired some new items too, most notably an exersaucer shaped like a turtle (its hilarious)and a keekaroo highchair.  i seriously love this high chair. its wooden in stead of plastic, doesnt have any stupid characters on it, has all non toxic finishes, and coolest of all, will adjust to accomodate jacob as he grows.  adults up to 250 lbs can sit in this thing (with the tray removed of course). i love it.  jeremy brought it home from a boutique in kansas city. jakey is getting good at keeping himself steady and upright, and loves being able to see what im doing when im cooking or doing other stuff in the kitchen.

work is going great for me, and we are happy that jeremy has a job but unhappy with the amount of traveling. we are able to reconnect with friends from high school and college and see a lot more of both of our families.  jacob will grow up knowing all his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and the rest of the extended family.  life is good.

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