Wednesday, June 30, 2010

red hook 5k

my first race in new hampshire was after we had moved to maine for training. it was a 5k which i trained for with a group from the local running store - runners alley. there was a runners alley in manchester and another in portsmouth (about 5 mins from kittery, maine) so when we moved i was able to keep going to running group. it was a fun experience to meet people and see members from both the manchester and kittery groups while running the race. i was hoping for a pr but didnt even come close to my best time.
it was a fun race though nonetheless and every racer got tons of free food and a beer at the end (it was sponsored by a brewery). jeremy came (as the official race photographer he isnt allowed to miss races after all) and had a good time as well. there was a band and tons of people there. not as big as a race in los angeles of course, but still a wonderful time. next up on the list is registering for a race here in connecticut - im hoping krish and i are in tri shape by next summer - right krishy???

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