Sunday, June 6, 2010

groton rhymes with rotten

although there is nothing rotten about it! we are moving to groton next weekend! woot! this friday will be our last day of training in kittery and then we get to go get our stuff out of storage and move into our new apartment. heres me, beyond thrilled.

a week from tuesday we start as co-managers of windham falls retirement community.

there will be many challenges and new things to learn but we are ready!

groton has tons of cool things to do and see. high on jeremy's priority list is a connecticut fishing license and the purchase of a kayak. high on my list are new heels and a new ipod. we have to wear super ugly non slip shoes while we are working and my feet are really upset about it. a couple new pairs of heels will go a long way towards evening that out.

can't wait to get settled, find a gym and a church and meet some new friends!

thankfully, we are only about 2-ish hours from our friends in new hampshire so we will still see them all the time. steph has already saiid she will be kidnapping me to go see eclipse when it comes out and she and ryan will be coming down to go play at the casinos. woo hoo! and cara (from la) has family in ct so i get to see her next spring too!

who else wants to come visit? we are across the water from nyc!


annaO said...

YAY!!! We really need to talk soon. I miss you. I have had a physically and emotionally exhausting couple of weeks, but I really want to know how things are with you. THIS WEEK I will call you.

Anonymous said...

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