Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i'm tired

yesterday was our only day off last week and we spent it continuing to unpack, making a trip to the storage unit and driving around in search of free wi-fi because the cable man didnt come as promised. sheesh.

there is a lot of work that needs to be done in our new building, but there is also so much potential. the residents are awesome and we have lots to work with. it is going to be a big job to get everything back in shape though. we've been working 12+ hour days most days and not just sitting at a desk: moving furniture, serving food and pouring coffee, walking all three floors inspecting things, and answering phones. every night i lay in bed bone tired - i've been sleeping 10 hours a night (and thats a lot, even for me). as you can see 12+10 = 22 which means there isnt a lot of free time right now. i am way behind on blogging and catching up on emails because of no internet access in our apartment, and returning phone calls, mostly because when i can talk it is usually an inappropriate time to call someone because of time zones (unless my california buddies would like a call at 4:30am, or central timers at 6:30am. i'm guessing not so much).

we have a pile of stuff on the floor to mail: our nephew's birthday pressies from two weeks ago, postcards from maine, and a fun gift for my favorite person in nashville. who has the time to go to the post office? (and it is only .7 miles away. i know. its sad.)

thankfully we have most everything arranged in our apartment. there are only two boxes left to unpack and some shelves and pictures to hang. jeremy had to redo my closet yesterday because i piled too much stuff on one of the bars/shelves and it tore out from the wall. so that was awesome. i gave away tons of clothes and accessories before we moved and i feel like it multiplied again while in storage, but at the same time i feel like i have nothing to wear. so that makes plenty of sense, right?

hopefully within a week or two, after we get internet in our home and after things settle back to a normal hectic pace at work, we can catch up with everyone individually. for now, know that i think about all of you constantly (and im not just saying that - i really do). i will try to update here as much as possible in the meantime.

also, know that we are having fun as well as working. all work and no play makes meaghan a dull and cranky girl!

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