Monday, June 28, 2010

training post #1

on 0ur third day at kittery estates we took a cruise to the island of shoals on the thomas leighton with several of the residents and a couple other staff memebers. we passed the bridges taht connect maine and new hampshire, the portsmouth naval shipyard, a lighthouse, and old prison, and several little islands (some of which i ran to from portsmouth with the 5k training group). it was a little bit cold, but we learned lots of things about the history of that part of the coast and what battles were fought there, as well as enjoyed the fresh sea air.
holiday residents get to enjoy lots of amenities, and a bus that takes them to (often free) activities is only one of them. luckily for jeremy and me, we get to enjoy some of those benefits as well. there were tug boats and working boats out on the river and they each tooted their horns in ackowledgement as we slowly cruised by. it was really fun and a wonderful experience. the thomas leighton also takes people on booze cruise and other, different cruises to the islands of shoals area.

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