Sunday, July 4, 2010

memorial day drive

on memorial day jeremy and i decided to drive up the coast of maine and check out some of the local beaches.  beaches here are not like those in california (which prolly doesnt shock anyone). there is lots of rocks, and most of the ones with sand are manmade. maine has lots of lighthouses too.

this is the cape neddick lighthouse. it was constructed in 1879 and had a bell in it to warn sailors of the rocky point. it is on a little island several yards off the coast, so to get to the ligthhouse itself there is a little cable car that goes across. it looked really rickety and im glad they werent letting the general public try it out.
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i hope that lighthouse keeper got hazard pay! it is fully automated now so people rarely use that cable car.

it was a gorgeous day and so cool to see a diffferent part of the coast. the best part is the highway that follows the coast is rt 1 and the freeway in ca is the 1 so if you squinted it felt like we were back in la. the ocean actually smells different up here - cleaner - imagine that. :)

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