Friday, February 26, 2010

valentine's day

for valentine's day jeremy and i both had to work. we got off early-ish on sunday afternoons so we planned a nice dinner out and then a mini-vacation to concord to see the state capitol etc.

we got all dressed up and headed to dinner at XO on elm - a new hipster restaurant not too far from my theatre. dinner was great and after stuffing ourselves we headed up to concord.

monday morning we woke up and had a great breakfast provided by the hotel. since it was president's day the hotel was crawling with ski families fueling up to hit the slopes. i was only mildly jealous of the fun they were going to have that day, but we had exploring to do!

concord (all of new hampshire really) is crawling with historical important buildings. we wandered around downtown for a while and then decided to head home. the cats were excited to have us back (really just hungry) and we settled in to watch the olympics. that has pretty much been our activity for the past two weeks - ff-ing through all the boring stuff and hitting the highlights of the games. summer games are much more interesting in my opinion. :)

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