Thursday, February 11, 2010

january in review

one of my goals for january was to start on my wedding scrapbook. i waited until january 31, but i worked on it! i got several pages completed and, more importantly, now all of our wedding stuff is in one place and easier to find when i want to finish it. i WILL have it done by the end of may.

i never really came up with a mini goal for february, and since the month is almost half over with i guess i won't. i am still diligently working on one of my goals for the year - 500 miles in 2010. i am behind on average number of miles per day i need to make this goal, but i know that in the spring and summer i will put in a lot more time when i can run outside and race again. so for now, walking to work and hopping on the dreadmill a couple of times a week is going to have to suffice.

i am getting excited for my upcoming trip to la. i can't wait to see everyone again, and the oscars are always fun. we are still looking for a dress but i havent hit the bcbg outlet yet. i got last year's dress from bcbg and i love the way their clothes look on me. so here's hoping tilton gives us a winner!

rumpy came through his neutering just fine and, instead of it calming him down, he is more wild and crazy than ever. some days jeremy is ready to just throw him out, but so far i have been able to convince him to let rump roast stay.

we went to our first college hockey game with mark and lanelle this week and it was fun! the team we were cheering for, southern new hampshire university, lost to st anselm, but it was a good time. mark played pro hockey so it was good to have him there to explain more about the game.

we spent the super bowl with people from the palace. colette was nice enough to open her home and a good time was had by all. we were almost all cheering for the saints so it was great when they won too! AND our church in la had made a commercial that won a contest sponsored by doritos and was aired during teh first half. amazing!