Monday, September 22, 2008

derby dolls

last weekend we went to the roller derby but there are no cameras allowed in the rink. no one told me this before we went or when we bought our tickets so we trekked from our car, kind of a long way and in a really bad part of town, stood in line for a long time behind annoying people who were smoking, got to the front and was told when the butch lady was looking through my bag "you cant have a camera in here." so jeremy had to walk me back to the car and we repeated the process.

we get inside and marvel at the collection of people in that arena. i expected the gothic looking people with all the eye makeup and colorful hair and the (for lack of a better discriptor) white trash, with the mullets and chew and ripped t shirts. what i did not expect were the older gentlemen with pleated khaki pants and the girls dressed like they were going to a club. it was the MOST interesting mix of people ever.

the actual event, the sirens vs. ummm the other team, has many complicated rules etc, but, like hockey, we were just watching for the fights. the los angeles derby dolls consists of four different teams that often play each otehr and sometimes host tournaments for other teams to travel here.

zac was with us. he is friends with many of the players and was able to interpret most of the game. i still am unclear on how all the points are scored. something about a lead jammer and the pack and something else.

definitely a wonderful la experience, but not one i am eager to repeat. my feet hurt from all the walking and standing during the match and the "adult juice boxes" (you know those cute "single serving" yeah right wine bottles) they served were just not good. it was better than miller light which was the only other choice. beer. ick. light beer. whats the point??? this was definitely an event where i needed a little help to get through it.

towards the end of the third quarter the girl in front of me pulls out her camera and starts snapping pictures like there is no tomorrow. whats up with that? i do wish i had a picture of the guy dressed as a lobster for no apparent reason whatsoever. you would all enjoy that very much i think.


Sheri Zampelli AKA Gal VanIZed said...

Cool, now I don't feel so bad about my "review" of the game. The other team is the Fight Crew. If you want to see a bunch of cool pics from the evening, go to:

mommy said...

hilariously sad. any word on florida??????? loveyoubsomuchbye