Friday, September 26, 2008

this is how much i love LA

so on july 1 of this year it is illegal to hold your phone to your ear while driving. you can still use headsets or bluetooth and, inexplicably, text (although that law was just signed and goes into effect jan 1 2009).
sooo... this morning i am riding my bike to work, as i am wont to do, and i see a guy driving by (on the street i am getting ready to turn left onto) with his window down and on the phone. so i say, "hey get off the phone!" may i point out that i yelled, becuase he was driving by fast (too fast for the neighborhood streets in my ever so humble opinion) and that i did not use any name-calling, profanities etc. because that just isnt the kind of person i am (unless i am really really really ridiculously mad like the time that guy side swiped us and acted like it was our fault and almost hit jeremy and i said some things and he almost beat me up until i got back in the car and locked the door). apparently it IS the kind of person this guy is though because he ever-so-sweetly replied, "shut the fuck up, bitch!" i was appalled. he was breaking the law and incredibly ruse. then i was freaked out because i had to drive behind him the entire way to work and i could see him staring at me (still on the phone mind you) in his rear view mirror.

i really hope the person on the other end of the phone was a business contact.

or his grandmother.

so happy friday to me!

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