Sunday, September 7, 2008

softball...its downy soft

the education team took on the clinical department in a friendly game of softball friday morning. the education team (teachers, teacher assistants, behaviorists, and admin support) beat the clinical team (counselors, supervisors and residential) 16-4. but as axl said, "the score was 20. we all win."

it was so fun. we played early in the day to avoid the heat and even though we finished by 11 i was sweating... i hit a single, a double and another single. marvin, one of the behaviorists, was behind me in the batting order. armando, another behaviorist, was ahead of me. i believe this is what is known as a stacked deck. (not that i personally am stacked but that i participated in the stacking of the batting order.) between the three of us we had 8 of the 16 points. go team!!!!

min you, all of this softball activity was after waking up at 4:45 in the morning to go ocean swimming with kris to train on our ins and outs. we drove to santa monica and had ourselves a grand old time.

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mommy said...

so did you get a half snow cone or a whole snow cone? i like the score of 20. that was cute. tell that guy your mom thinks hes funny.