Saturday, December 31, 2011

christmas day

we woke up christmas morning to a sleepy baby. while jakey snoozed away, my santa made coffeecake and we opened our presents together. shortly after we finished, we heard the baby waking up. he wanted to be part of the action. he came out of his room to open his stuff. he  was wearing his reindeer jammers we got at hannah banana for like $3. i love that store! (because how often is a kid going to wear reindeer jammers. prolly not very often.)

after we opened all our presents we got dressed and drove to topeka for the shane christmas celebration. jakey sat on santa's lap for the first time. he wasnt in love with the idea, but he didnt scream in terror either so thats a bonus.

after dinner, we went to great grandma and grandpas for MORE pressies and food. this kid is good to go on toys for a few years! or at least until his birthday in april when i know he is going to get a ton more stuff!

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