Saturday, December 31, 2011

christmas part one

 the week before christmas all of jeremy's siblings got together with each of his parents to celebrate christmas. we started the day with brunch at jeff and barb's. after everyone had opened all of their wonderful gifts and eaten lots of food, we took a couple family pictures.
wrangling six kids to sit in front of the tree and smile when they all want to play with all their new stuff is a lot harder than it sounds. probably not as hard as herding cats, unless they are my cats, which will pretty much do whatever you tell them. all these kiddos are growing way too fast and thats all there is to say about that. there are two more cousins this year than last year, and the two oldest are in school! sheesh.

jakey and cora are the babies of the family, and they like to wear matching diapers. or their moms like to put them in matching diapers. either way, during part of the time at cherie's house in the afternoon, amy and i set up a fluffy giraffe bottom photo shoot with our babies. jakey and cora cooperated by holding hands. heart melting over here!

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