Sunday, October 24, 2010

jessie's visit pt 3: nh, me, ct

on monday of jessie's trip, we drove from mass up to maine, where we visited our favorite lighthouse, nubble, in york. we stopped in at the kittery trading post for old times sake, then back over the bridge to portsmouth, nh for lunch and some time in downtown portsmouth. one of jessie's visiting new england goals was to see the quintessential lighthouse and this one couldn't be closer to that. while in portsmouth, jeremy and i stumbled across the coolest thing in a store we hadn't visited before. we were on a mission for a new hampshire shirt for jess which we never procured, but we walked out of the store with a wick attached to a cork and some parafin oil. now, any empty wine bottle is a candle, with no dripping wax or smoke. it is awesome.
we made our way back home. on tuesday we had originally planned to head to new york city, but the travel logistics did not work in our favor. instead, we explored the mystic seaport, which jeremy and i had never done when all of the exhibits were open. they are working on restoring a tall ship from long ago, and they have a row of shops that resemble what would have been open in a port town like mystic in the late 1800s. It is the coastal version of cowtown. :) we got to go on several boats and peek around.

after lunch at five guys, we hit the road for thompson, ct. there was a giant corn maze there waiting for us. it took us an hour and a half and i bet we walked at least three miles inside that hing, but we conquered it. then we had farm-made ice cream and apple cider. talk about visiting new england in the fall!

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