Monday, October 18, 2010

jessie's visit pt 1: hartford

 jessie came and visited us last week. she flew in and out of hartford, our state capital. we spent saturday afternoon driving around the city, sightseeing and doing a few fun things. the hartford marathon was just finishing up as we drove into bushnell park. the park's entrance is a beautiful bridge with a castle/tower over it. that was the finish line for the race - how fun is that? the park has a really old carousel in it - it ws built in 1914 and is a historic site. i had to ride it, and for a dollar, who could resist? i kinda love carousels, and always have. i used to have an old carousel horse in my room when i was younger. jessie wasn't quite as excited as i was, but we had a good time. jeremy refused to participate so he became the official ride photographer.
we drove out of the park past the capital building - it is pretty! the grounds are beautiful but there was orange construction tape up everywhere (i think they were re-landscaping or something) so i didnt take any up close pictures. you can see the gold roof of the building from almost anywhere in the city.

after hitting the main sights in hartford, we drove the hour back to groton and hung out for the evening at home. jessie got to meet rumpy and cricket and see our community. we went to bed early because we had big plans for sunday and monday!

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