Monday, October 18, 2010

jessie's visit pt 2: boston

on sunday we got up early and started driving. we drove through rhode island and up into massachussetts. we stopped at a couple of places on the way to boston. we hot up foxborough to see the patriots stadium. it was insanely huge. then, we drove to cambridge for a quick tour of the harvard campus. i much prefer yale. :) we were planning on meeting ryan and stephanie at the prudential building in boston for lunch then doing some exploring. there was a cool infinity pond/fountain across from the building so we stopped for a few photos before eating. after lunch we went up to the top floor of the prudential building (that's the 52nd!) and took in the breathtaking views of the entire city. 
after lunch we hopped on the t and headed for fanuiel hall and the sights around it. we stopped in at christopher columbus park and the north end to check out the hahbah. the water was beautiful and the weather was perfect. we walked around the area and saw the site of the boston massacre, the holocaust memorial and quincy hall. jessie got to see the cheers bar and the hard rock cafe boston, both things that were high on her list of activities.

we spent the night up in bedford, mass, so we were ready to go on monday for our tour of new hampshire and maine. it was so much fun seeing ryan and stephanie - it made been almost two months since they came down here to visit, and i was overdue for my stephanie fix!

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