Monday, August 2, 2010

stonington on sunday

sunday afternoon we were planning on going to the beach but the forecast was 40% chance of rain. after getting drenched last time we attempted a beach day, we decided to head to stonington borough and shop, then run some more boring errands. of course it wound up being a gorgeous day, but that was just a bonus.

the borough shopping was not all it was cracked up to be. the store i was most interested in was closed and the clothing stores all seemed geared for women with my style but in about 20-30 years and after multiple children and lots of wine and cheese. nice stuff but not for me now. i was annoyed, because jeremy was in the mood to buy me clothes and i couldnt find a single thing i liked.

we went to target and the mall and still... nothing. he bought jeans and we bought a drying rack at target (which actually excites me... it is a sickness i know but clean laundry makes me pretty happy).

i had mild luck at tj maxx and got a couple of new things for work.

the best part of the day was walking along the boardwalk in stonington and looking at the water. public access to the shoreline was easy and the path was a beautiful walk. no one else was on it so we felt like we owned that part of the ocean for a little while. pure bliss.

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