Tuesday, August 17, 2010

daddy's princess

my mom still sends me care packages. she used to mail me quarters, even though i am a grown, married woman with a full-time job. if a girl has to go to the laundromat there is nothing to do but have quarters right? and even though jeremy worked at the bank, somehow we never had enough quarters. so we imported them from kansas. drove jeremy nuts, especially since he worked at a bank and could theoretically cash out a ten for a couple rolls of quarters any time he wanted to. anyways, now that we have free washers and dryers, my care packages now consist of magazines and spices by the ounce from spice merchant.  in my most recent box, i got a bunch of stuff including a card from my dad. after securing an adult's help to make the bracelets, rings and pendants from the cardboard and sparkle stickers inside, i am now blinged out like any good disney princess should be.
(except i had to double up the bracelets since they were not made for adult sized wrists.)

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