Tuesday, August 31, 2010

casino day

last weekend steph and ryan came to see us. steph did hand massages for our big event at windham falls on saturday, then they stayed the night so we could play on sunday. we were going to go sailing on her dad's boat, but we awoke to a massive rainstorm so that was out.

the only indoor activities we knew of in the area were the mall, movie theatre, or the casinos. we decided on the casinos.
first we went out to a huge breakfast at the shack. it is similar to the good egg for anyone in the wichita area. i was the only one with a happy plate but we all left stuffed to the gills.

we headed to foxwoods first and played a few slot machines and walked around. jeremy took the above picture of us right before a cocktail waitress came and told us there were no photos allowed in the casino. oops! i put the camera away for the rest of the day. foxwoods didnt have any $5 blackjack tables which is what ryan and steph wanted to play, so we piled in rex and headed over to mohegan sun. it is a nicer place anyways. not as smoky, cooler themed, and better shopping. i took steph to lush - i hope she likes her bath bomb!

we played some more games and watched them at the tables for a while, had lunch and then headed home. they still had to drive back to new hampshire for work the next day. it was a great day (although sailing would have been super fun too) and i can't wait to see them again!

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