Friday, May 7, 2010

kittery kittehs

we are going to be training in kittery, maine starting on monday. we drive up sunday after jeremy gets off work (his last day at citizens!). we get to take our kittehs, and they are thrilled. cricket has been teaching rumpy to be scared of boxesand packing tape and they both aren't acting like themselves.

we are super excited for training to start. it should last 4-6 weeks. at some time during that period we will find out for sure where we will be living and working. it will most likely be in connecticut, between groton, guilford and branford. and yes, wilimantic is romantic.

we will keep you informed as we are informed! looking forward to working and living on the maine coast for a while though!

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annaO said...

kittery!! is that where we went and the coast guard or navy or whoever told me i couldn't come on the pier and i said, duh! i just want a welcome to maine picture!?