Thursday, May 27, 2010

still waiting...

everyone keeps asking the same questions. including us.

so, no, we don't yet know exactly where we will be placed (still probably in connecticut) or when we will be finishedwith our training (probably in about a week).

we are learning lots and making friends. last night, the owner of a moving company that works a lot with holiday had all of us over to her house for a cookout. it was really fun. she is a connection we will be able to use in ct, so that is exciting.

we have been doing a litttle bit of exploring in portsmouth and kittery. downtown portsmouth reminds me of berkeley and malibu mixed together with waaaaay less people.

i've been running with the portsmouth runner's alley folks and our 5k is this sunday. it is going to be really hot and my first race in a long while so i am a little bit nervous. my goal is always to PR but i am not confident that its gonna happen this race. still excited for it though!

today we spend time with the executive chef and tomorrow we are both housekeeping. it has been fun to learn all of the jobs of the people we will be supervising. i think the kitchen jobs are my favorite so far, although enrichment/activities is fun too. there is a great staff here - i can only hope that the staff at our building will be half as great!

as soon as we know something more solid about our job placement and actual address etc, we will let you know!

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